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Large mid 20th century mahogany hourglass with turned pillars

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This is a large eye catching Hourglass which measures an impressive 9" (230mm) in height and just over 6" (158 mm) in diameter.
Housed in a circular mahogany stand with three turned pillars, the sand flows quite freely and it takes approximately 60 minutes to empty, give or take a few seconds.
Probably a mid 20th century example, it's not only very functional, but also a great display piece with a stylish concentric circle design on both bases.
In excellent cosmetic condition, a substantial piece which weighs just under 900 grams.

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1960's Daylight Factor meter made by Evans Electroselenium Ltd

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A quite unusual item, this is a Daylight Factor Meter made by a company called Evans Electroselenium Ltd in the 1960's.
Architects & engineeers use daylight factors in building design to assess the internal natural lighting levels to determine whether it is sufficient for occupants to carry out normal activities.
A well made robust instrument, it has a base diameter of 80mm and stands just 75mm high, with a weight of just over 600 grams.
It fits in a purpose made leather box with a roof shaped lid and lined inside with a red velvet like material.
In full working order, it also has a manufacturers paper inspection tag for 1964, albeit with the serial number 33/1143, and not 33/1132 as is stamped on the baseplate.

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Farrow & Jackson Sikes hydrometer set with two proof rules.

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This ship in a bottle is quite unique, having been made in an early J. Wray & Nephew rum bottle. Wray & Nephew are the famous Jamaican rum distillers first established in 1860 whose products are still very much in demand today, with some of their earlier vintages fetching many thousands of pounds at auction.
The decorative appeal of the earlier glass bottles have made them very collectable and this particular example which dates to the 1920's or 30's has the added interest of a ship cleverly constructed within.
The exterior of the bottle carries an embossed image of Britannia in a circle, and reads ‘THE CONTENTS OF THIS BOTTLE IS THE PRODUCT OF J. WRAY & NEPHEW LTD’ and the base reads ‘J. WRAY & NEPHEW LTD, KINGSTON, JAMAICA, B.W.I.’, there is also a turks head knot around the bottle stem.
Measuring 200mm long, 95mm wide & weighing just over 0.5kg, this is not only a rare item but a great display piece which will appeal to both bottle and nautical model collectors.

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Kelvin Hughes Naval Star Globe, Epoch 1975, in fitted case

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This is a fine example of a celestial Star Globe made in 1975 by Kelvin Hughes for the Admiralty.
Used for night time navigation by the Royal Navy, its not only functional, but a beautifully crafted display piece which would grace any nautical collection.
The globe itself was made by British globe makers George Philip & Sons and assembled in a mahogany case with its brass fittings by Kelvin Hughes.
Its in good condition overall, and the globe in particular is free from any scuffs or tears.
The mahogany case is fastened with two brass clasps, and although the base is discoloured with an age split across it, fortunately this is only really noticeable if viewing the case from its underside. (see photos)
There are printed instructions on the inside of the lid with two brass cursors on the back rail, and the case is carried by an inset brass handle.
The circular brass band around the globe aperture is stamped H.H. &. S.Ltd No 2160
Measuring 11" high x 10.5"x 10.5" it weighs just over 5kgs, so unfortunately overseas shipping is very expensive even though I do subsidise it.

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Francis Barker & Son Abney level

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This is an Abney level & clinometer, made by Francis Barker & Son Ltd of Edenbridge.
Used by surveyors for measuring angles of incline, it has a vernier style scale and incorporates a spirit bubble level fixed to the moving scale pointer. There is also a moveable magnifying lens arm for reading the fine scale, and it comes with an instruction leaflet.
Viewing through the telescopic eyepiece shows a fine wire alongside the image of the moving spirit bubble which is central when the object being measured is correctly sighted.
In working order and good condition, it measures 7” long with the telescopic eyepiece extended, 2 1/4" wide and fits in its original fabric lined leather case which is also in good sound condition, no broken stitching.

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