Appraisals & Valuations
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Important information please read before requesting any appraisal

I get many requests for valuations and information, and I do my best to answer them all. However, the number is increasing so I need to lay down some ground rules to help you to help me continue to provide this service, which is free


DO email me with your requests, I will be happy to help if I can, but please be patient if I don't respond immediately! I deal with all requests on a first come first served basis, but it can be very time consuming, and can sometimes take up to a fortnight to respond.

DO feel free to send photos by email if requesting a valuation, but please avoid large file sizes

DO understand that I will only offer an appraisal on items which are within my field of collecting. If I'm unable to provide an appraisal I will tell you so.

DON'T contact me by phone for a valuation, its a waste of your time and mine, as so much is dependant on the condition of an item and a photo is a must.

DON'T expect a formal valuation for insurance purposes, I only offer guideline valuations which are meant to be for guidance only and does not constitute any formal warranty of value. In requesting a valuation from Scientific Collectables, it is deemed that you understand and accept the terms of any such valuation.

DON'T ask me to reveal the prices of sold items, as this is a matter of privacy between Scientific Collectables and the original purchaser, and cannot be divulged.

DON'T send in any items for valuation or appraisal without contacting me first.

I'm sorry that the DON'Ts outweigh the DO's, but they are important points to be aware of when requesting appraisals, and will hopefully avoid any misunderstandings or disappointments.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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