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23rd June 2017

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T. O. Blake Sikes hydrometer set with book of spirit tables
Victorian pocket barometer & altimeter
with thermometer signed A R Baines.
 Newbold & Bulford 2 draw Enbeeco Ranger 55 field telescope
Powerful Enbeeco field telescope with
pancratic tube to 55x magnification
Dollond 3 draw field telescope 25x magnification
Mid 19th century mariners compass
gimbal mounted in mahogany case
Dollond 3 draw field telescope 25x magnification
Dollond 3 draw field telescope
with 25x magnification
Sestrel gimbal mounted marine compass by Henrey Browne & Son
19th century Balloonists pocket barometer & high altitude altimeter by J H Steward
Late 19th century marching compass
Late 19th century brass cased non prismatic marching compass
John Barker marine barometer with curved thermometer, in dark Oak surround.
Mid 19th century mahogany cased pocket compass circa 1860

Large 19th century mahogany cased
pocket compass circa 1860

Negretti & Zambra medium speed Airmeter with case & instruction sheet.
Biram type medium speed mining
airmeter by Negretti & Zambra
Negretti & Zambra High Speed Air meter with case & instruction sheet.
Negretti & Zambra High speed air meter
with case & instruction sheet
19th century single draw telescope signed Dollond London
19th century single draw Naval telescope
signed Dollond London
Prototype of first pocket barometer made by Negretti & Zambra in 1860
Historically important pocket barometer by Negretti & Zambra circa 1860


Antique compasses, antique telescopes, sextants, barometers? If you share my fascination for the world of science and technology, then you've come to the right place!

Please stop and browse at the varied and interesting items for sale, from 19th Century marine telescopes to vintage fishing reels and tackle.

The items featured above are just some examples of whats currently available, go to the relevant link in the navigation bar to see more antique telescopes,barometers,vintage fishing floats, Hardy fly reels and military items.

Some are antique, others are not so old but ALL are genuine items, I leave reproductions for others, but if you need some help and advice on how to spot the difference then Click Here for some useful information and examples of replica instruments.

Please visit regularly, feel free to browse and if you have any information or knowledge on the items featured, I would appreciate any feedback you care to give.

If you are after any specific item that is not on the site, do contact me as I often have a good stock of unlisted items. (I tend to buy more than I should!)

Above all please enjoy the items, there will be no limitations as to what will appear, so come back soon! I endeavour to list something new every week.

Do you have something to sell? Collections or single items purchased for cash. Email for further details

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Listed below are just some of the 500 plus antique scientific instruments featured on this website.

Antique telescopes and pocket compasses by Dollond.
19th century marine telescopes.
Negretti & Zambra WW1 Tel Sig snipers telescopes.
Vintage military telescopes by Broadhurst Clarkson
and W Ottway.
A variety of Singers patent compasses.
Antique compasses by Francis Barker & Son, and WW1 marching compasses.
Antique maritime single draw telescope by J Berry, Aberdeen.
Naval Officer of the Watch telescopes by Ross, Hughes, Heath, & Ottway.
WW2 Scout Regiment telescopes by H C Ryland & Broadhurst Clarkson.
Military pocket watch style compasses by Dennison.
Collectable vintage pinwheel calculators by Muldivo, Brunsviga, Facit, Odhner and Multo.
Georgian mahogany cased compasses.
Antique mahogany & oak barrel marine telescopes,
by Crichton London

Vintage and antique anemometers by Negretti &
Zambra, and Short & Mason.
Vintage and antique pocket sextants by Stanley London.
Fowler's universal circular calculators & slide rules.
Vintage pocket barometer by Aitchison.
Classic Library telescopes by Aitchison.
Sporting collectables with antique & vintage fishing reels
from Hardy and Allcock.
19th century telescopes by Lennie, Edinburgh.
Vintage field stalking telescopes.
Victorian antique hourglass sand timers.
Antique aneroid barometers incorporating curved thermometer.
Vintage Sikes Hydrometers.
Naval binoculars.
Carl Zeiss binoculars.
Georgian decorative police truncheons.
Antique pocket watch compass by Cary.

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